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CONGRATULATIONS Gregory Stallmeyer!

Due to the cancellation of the 2020 Boneyard Arts Festival, Gregory Stallmeyer’s Nexus, resin and automotive paint on plexiglass, will remain the signature image of the 2021 Boneyard Arts Festival. The Boneyard Arts Festival signature image is featured on all festival registration materials, posters, postcards, billboards, print and online advertising, as well as on the cover of the Boneyard Arts Festival quick guide.

“This piece has been in process for over three years and comes from the search for the connection between the spontaneity of the fluid process and the deliberate fine line work reminiscent of my automotive graphics. The lines create structure amongst the chaos. The many coats of resin and paint combined with the fine line work create a depth in the painting that makes it feel like you could almost step into it. This painting results from the connection of my inspirations and life, and having it chosen for the Boneyard Arts Festival signature piece is such an honor. Boneyard is all about connection – the connection between the artists, the artists and the public, the artists and the venues, and the public and art/culture throughout our community”.

Gregory Stallmeyer of G.S. Customs Studio

“I’m at a point in my life where I feel like things are coming together. I’m able to spend my time doing what I love – creating art, teaching young people, and supporting other artists in our community.”

Gregory was born and raised in Champaign. He’s the youngest of six kids and attended St. Matthew elementary and Centennial High School. He and Michelle, his wife of 30 years, live in the country outside of Monticello, Illinois.

As a teenager Greg was infatuated with the Rockabilly scene of the 1980s. The clothes, music, pin-up art and hot rod cars blew him away and he knew he needed to be a part of something so cool. So, after studying art in college, he apprenticed under local artist and custom car builder, William Baker. Greg opened G.S. Customs in Seymour, Illinois in 1999, and proceeded to become nationally renowned for his unique ability to combine custom metal work and award winning paint and graphics in creating automotive masterpieces. His automotive work has been featured in Hot Rod, Street Rodder, and other notable car magazines. In 2006 a 1950 Studebaker truck which he designed and built was awarded Truck of the Year by Goodguys Rod and Custom Association.

After more than 20 years building cars Greg closed his shop in Seymour and went to work at Parkland College as an Instructor in Collision Repair and Welding. He built a studio at his home so he could spend more time making art, and became involved with 40 North and the local art community where he has found friendship, support, and feedback that has allowed him to grow as an artist and person.

Today Greg still works with metal and automotive paint creating two dimensional art and three dimensional sculpture, and has a piece, Beneath the Surface, currently being displayed by the Public Arts League in downtown Monticello. He garners his inspiration from nature, people and everyday life, he enjoys experimenting with new mediums. Greg has discovered that he has an affinity for the fluid process of working with a combination of resin and paint. He says “There is an unknown element about what turn it will take, how it will turn out… it is unpredictable - like life. Sometimes it will take an unlikely direction and either you roll with it or you manipulate it in a different way”.

About Boneyard

Presented annually every spring by 40 North | 88 West, the Boneyard Arts Festival is a four-day event showcasing the broad range of creative activity flourishing in our community. Its goal is to bring together local artists, businesses and organizations for a special event showcasing the art of Champaign County.

More than a traditional arts walk, the Boneyard is a unique countywide celebration that takes place in a wide variety of venues (over 90!) -- both traditional (theaters, cafes, galleries & museums) and non-traditional (salons & retail stores) -- and features the work of literally hundreds of artists. Sculptors, weavers, painters, photographers and other visual artists join musicians, actors, dancers, poets and performers of all kinds in sharing their creativity throughout Champaign, Urbana, U of I Campus, Rantoul, Homer, Mahomet, St. Joseph and Sidney.

The festival stimulates cultural, economic, social and educational growth by providing an opportunity for people of every age, background and interest to participate.

*provide opportunities for artists of all disciplines, media and levels of expertise to share and sell their work with the greater community and its visitors
*demonstrate the value of collaboration among individuals, organizations and businesses
*illuminate the economic impact of the arts on local business
*demonstrate the effectiveness of utilizing art to increase foot traffic in and around participating venues, as well as to enhance the environment in public and private spaces
*promote the cultural vibrancy of our community -- a great place to live and visit * bring students, residents and visitors together through the arts
*provide an occasion, through the arts, to both express and reflect upon who and what we are as individuals and as a community
*celebrate the many unique cultural traditions within Champaign County

The Boneyard Facebook Group

The Boneyard Facebook group ( is an interactive tool intended to connect all artists and venues to make plans for the festival.

Kelly White
Executive Director