Venue Resources

How Do I Find An Artist/Performer for Boneyard?

  • Post on the Boneyard Blog that you are seeking an artist/performer for your venue 
  • Check out the Artist Directory here on 
  • Attend the Boneyard Connect social 

I Found a Great Artist, Now What Should I Do?

  • Figure out the details, dates, and hours of the event 
  • Discuss if there will be an admission fee, work for sale, etc. 
  • Fill out a registration form with your artist 
  • Free for artists, but venues must pay $50 registration fee to be included in the official Boneyard Map and online on 
  • Venue must provide copy of proof of liability insurance (most businesses have this-just in case anyone gets hurt!) 

Tips for Having a Successful Boneyard Show

  • You and your artist/performer should self-promote your show to get the most foot traffic possible! Make flyers, post event on free community calendars. Create a Facebook event and share it with your friends and customers.
  • Have a special event to kick off your show. Organize an opening reception with light refreshments. Feature live music. Offer an open critique, demo or workshop.