Sky Gallery

40 North and Adams Outdoor Advertising are thrilled to announce a new rotation of Sky Gallery! This is a unique opportunity for selected artists to display their work on possibly the largest canvas in town: billboards!


– Established and emerging artists are welcome to apply
– Applicants must be based in Champaign County
– Original artwork (or a detail of original artwork) must fit appropriately within the panoramic format of the billboard in order to ensure an effective presentation (see details below)
– Artwork must be of an appropriate nature for public family-friendly viewing
– All genres, styles, and media will be considered
– Previously commissioned or commercial work is not eligible


Fraya Replinger | Greg Stallmeyer Solis Occasus 2.0192023

Keenan Dailey Rebirth XV
Kelly Hieronymus Whiting Mooney No. 21
Lisa Kesler April
Peg Shaw Someone’s Child
Robert Chapman Three Birdmen
Will Arnold And I Forgive You
Yeong Choi Living Ashes_3