Artist Resources

Start By Visualizing Your Show

  • What kind of space will best serve your work?
  • Survey existing exhibit or display facilities: galleries, museums, cultural centers, schools, studios, cafes, restaurants, and retailers
  • Think about non-traditional spaces law offices, eye clinics, massage therapy centers, real estate offices, city buildings, ice cream shops, bars, anywhere — transforming a nontraditional space may be more creative!
  • Think about DIY spaces: outdoor spaces, self-created galleries, storefront exhibits, etc.

Use the Boneyard Facebook Group and past Boneyard listings as resources!

Be Organized

  • Image samples and/or portfolio to show a venue 
  • Have a concise description of your work 
  • Artist statement and/or bio 
  • Leave little up to the venue as possible — don’t make it a hassle for them! 
  • Good communication — make clear who does what

How Do I Find A Venue?

  • You can approach a space you desire 
  • Look at past Boneyard listings on 
  • Make a post on the Boneyard Facebook Group 
  • Attend the Boneyard Mingle
  • DIY — create your own venue!

How To Approach A Venue

  • Email, call, go in person (be persistent!) 
  • Identify the right person to speak with 
  • Be sensitive to: hours of operation, when their busiest time is, appropriate content for the space

Be Prepared

  • Your name and contact info 
  • Why you’re calling, 1-2 sentences about the Boneyard 
  • Your idea for an exhibit in their space 
  • Dates you would like to exhibit there 
  • Have image samples ready to email them 

Questions To Ask of Venues

  • What are your hours? 
  • Do you have an existing program? 
  • Are there places in your business where artwork could be displayed? 
  • Is there existing hanging hardware for artwork? 
  • What restrictions to you have on hanging work/displaying 3D work? 
  • Is there someone to install and take down my work? Should I? 
  • Do you require title labels/price list/business cards? 
  • What sort of framing do you require, if any? 
  • How will sales or admission be handled? 
  • What in-house marketing could be done by your business to help promote the show?

Tips for Having a Successful Boneyard Show

  • Self-promote your show! Make flyers, post event on free community calendars, make a Facebook event, Tweet 
  • Have a special event with your show. Have an opening reception. Have live music. Have an open critique or workshop. 
  • Have good venue relations. Make the event worthwhile for both parties 
  • If work is for sale. Have prices on labels or a price list. Make clear how a patron can contact you. Discuss with venue how sales will be handled. Most importantly: be at your show so people can chat with you!