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I am self-representing Illinois painter, living in the Champaign-Urbana area. I sell original art online and ship it directly from my studio to your home or office. I also sell prints and cards via Fine Art America online. My current focus is on both one-of-a-kind, poured acrylic paintings and commissioned, large custom-colored abstract paintings.

Some exciting experimental pouring techniques have been developing in my studio this past year:

My recent poured agate painting series was featured in my artist interview for the July/September 2014 print issue of Rocks&Minerals Magazine. These paintings are made by pouring, tilting, and manipulating the surface of the painting as the liquid, acrylic paint moves across the surface. These paintings change as they dry, the edges expanding, the colors clarifying:  revealing translucent layers of embedded, often intricately-marbled patterns.

I also am making a related, very eco-friendly series of collage-based paintings made from the dried pieces of paint that dripped off of these poured paintings. The dried paint pieces get cut and collaged to form whole new compositions. I use the randomness of the dripped paint as a surrealist-inspired chance device for removing some control from the beginning of the process.


In a similar vein, I plan to make a new series of audience-influenced "pour creature" paintings where audience members online suggest what animals these paint drippings look like. Then, their words have an influence on the direction I take with each new piece.


Sandra Allain was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to the U.S. (Urbana-Champaign) in August 2013, where she lives with her family.

She creates abstract paintings and collages, and also writes poetry inspired by words, reflections and the imbalance of society. She has worked with pastels, watercolor, ceramic, porcelain and acrylic at different stages in her life, experience that has influenced her preferred techniques. Her medium of choice is acrylic. The use of bronze and gold on most of her paintings gives warmth to her pieces and an increased contrast between highlights and shadows, a glow which characterizes her work and personality.

Sandra Allain will be featured in the juried show "Science & Art" at Arterie Fine Arts in Naperville, IL from September 2 through September 30th.

The Opening Artists Reception and Awards Ceremony will be held on Saturday, September 13th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Arterie Fine Arts 190 E. Fifth Avenue Naperville, IL 60563, +1 630-428-4639 Yeezy Boost SPLY - 350 V2 OFF-WHITE white men shoes

Born into a small Midwestern existence, grew into a certain presumptive bravado and reluctant utopianism. Embracing oddities from everywhere, humbuggery and legerdemain, and an aesthetic of the operational. Learning that things do not have to add up in order to count.Air Jordan 1 GS

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Carol Farnum started painting at age 12, winning student competitions and showing work in local and national galleries. Ultimately she ended up attending University of Illinois as an Evolutionary Ecology student, having a dual love for science and art. She continued painting through her time there, however, and finally returned to it full-time in 2012. In total, she’s been painting for 30 years.

She has a history doing landscapes and still-lifes, but has refined her work to abstracts. Carol is fascinated by textures, shapes, and colors, and how they work together to evoke emotional responses. By using vivid, bold colorwork and graphic shapes, she paints murals and fine-art pieces on “any surface available”.

She has shown pieces locally, regionally, and internationally. She was Urbana’s Artist of the Corridor in 2014 and was selected for 40North’s Sky Gallery the same year. In October 2015, Carol worked with the Champaign Park District to organize a street-art PaintJam, bringing several other local artists into the fold, at Spaulding Park Skatepark. Another PaintJam will be held in June 2016, which Carol is working on as well. Carol’s pieces are collected internationally.
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As a child from a large family, Lori Fuller has always felt welcome in the great outdoors. Growing up in a small rural area, she spent many summers harvesting the food for our family. She would help the family by picking strawberries, shucking corn, and snapping beans. In the winter, she would help her dad gather wood to keep the family warm. As she became older, she developed another level of appreciation.

In college, she experienced her first trip to the Art Institute of Chicago. She had seen photographs of famous works of art before, but seeing Van Gogh and Monet in person gave her goosebumps. She was deeply fascinated by the way the colors and shapes were interacting on the canvas. As she stood in front of one of Monet’s landscapes, she began reminiscing her childhood. She could see the purple-brown dirt and smell the earth under her fingernails. She could see the bark peeling on the trees and remember the feeling of cold air in her lungs as she helped dad chop the woods. She recalled staring at the snow resting on the pine needles and chunks of ice floating slowly down the stream.

As an adult, she still finds a strong connection with Nature. Her family hikes as often as they can. She walks along the path watching, listening, and capturing the experience; watching the shadows, the sunlight sparkle of the water, and rocks standing strong as water wanders around them.

The landscape paintings reflect her personal engagement with the Natural World. All of the images are inspired by Nature she has experienced: the colors, textures, and drama. The process of painting is one where she re-lives her travels and childhood. It is powerful.
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Fine arts artist working in charcoal, pencil, pastel, color pencil and watercolor. Most of my work involves portraits or figure drawings with forays into still life and landscapes now and then. For years I worked mostly with pencil. More recently I've returned to charcoal as it is a much more workable medium and allows greater flexibility in changing and correcting a drawing. I've also worked a great deal with color pencil, pastels, and watercolor in the past few years to broaden my experience in color. I'm also beginning to work with oil paints and hope to do much more with this medium in the future.

Last year I opened Enterprise Art Studio in a re-purposed building on the former Chanute Air Force Base. The building is well situated for easy access from US 45 and I-57. During the summer of 2013 we began holding life drawing sessions on Wednesday mornings and plan to begin holding both life drawing and portrait sessions beginning in 2014 in the early evenings. The sessions are open to all artists and mediums. More details coming soon.

We also participated in the Boneyard Arts Festival 2014, a first for Enterprise Art Studio, with about 30 people stopping by to see artwork by several local Rantoul artists. We also held a live portrait session with a model and multiple artists which allowed visitors to see how different artists approach the same subject.
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At a very young age, Hua Nian and her family were forcibly moved from Beijing to a small rural town in southern China during the political upheaval of the Cultural Revolution. This harsh childhood experience and rigid environment prepared her to become a close observer of the world. The move to the United States made a profound impact on her life, and on her making and thinking about art. The strong contrast of Chinese and American cultures inspired her to transform all her personal experience into new, fertile soil. From her early “Mask” printmaking series to her current series of acrylic paintings, “Where the Wild Things Glow”, Nian expresses feelings about our ongoing life under the force of nature and the scale of history.

As a signature artist of the International Society of Acrylic painters (ISAP) and the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society (NOAPS), Ms. Nian’s paintings have been shown in numerous art exhibitions thought out U.S. and in Germany, Australia and China. She has been a frequent award winner at various local, states, and national shows, and her works have been widely collected by co-ops, universities, and by numerous private collectors around the country. Her works and interviews have been featured in the American Artist Magazine, the Chicago Sun-Times, Dialogue: An Art Journal, and in numerous local and Chinese newspaper and magazines, as well as cover art for books, music CDs, and posters produced by Stanford University and others.

Ms. Nian moved to the USA in 1992 from China, after years of teaching photojournalism in Jinan University in Guangzhou. She received her Master’s degree in Art Education from Pittsburg State University, Kansas in 1996, and is now an active exhibiting artist and art instructor at her studio —Hua Nian Art Studio. She lives and works with her husband and two children in Urbana, Illinois.
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Getting old.

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I moved to Urbana-Champaign in 2006 for my graduate studies and have been living in the area ever since. I've always loved art and my passion is drawing and painting. Two years ago I started focusing in my art again (after finishing graduate school) and it has become my obsession. I've realized this is what makes me happy and I hope my love towards painting comes through my art.sneakers


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