ACE Awards


The ACE (arts, culture and education) Awards are presented annually by 40 North | 88 West to honor the work of artists, teachers, businesses, individuals, organizations, volunteers, community and government leaders. All seven ACE Awards highlight a different part of the cultural life of our community and celebrate those that, through hard work, dedication, and creative energy, cultivate the arts of Champaign County. 

CLICK HERE to submit a nomination for the 2019 ACE Awards! Submissions are due by midnight on Friday, September 13th! 

CLICK HERE to review the 7 ACE Award categories!

Last year’s winners were: Kelly Hieronymus (Advocate ACE), Peg Shaw (Artist ACE), Jim O'Brien (Volunteer ACE), Exile on Main Street (Business ACE), Brandon T. Washington (Teacher ACE), Natalie Wakefield (Student ACE), and Dorothy Martirano (Lifetime ACE).

The seven ACE Award categories are: Advocate, Artist, Volunteer, Business, Teacher, Student, and Lifetime Achievement. Nominations are reviewed by an independent panel of community-based judges representing a broad cross-section of Champaign County. Anyone can submit a nomination for an ACE Award. You may nominate multiple candidates and self-nominations are accepted. Must be 14 years or older and a resident of Champaign County to be eligible to win an ACE Award. Previous nominees may be resubmitted.