Artist Profile

Mike Thomas


Artist Statement

I am inspired by beauty and resonate with truth. I believe that I have been entrusted with certain gifts and talents and that I am responsible to cultivate and use those in order to find fulfillment. This takes discipline and commitment to develop a routine that leads to growth. I have many tools at my disposal. I work in both traditional and digital media. Painting in oil and drawing with graphite, colored pencils and other traditional media. I also work in the electronic mode with camera, computer and graphics tablet. These are all tools for artistic expression. Each has its own advantages and limitations. Often, I will use a scan of traditional art as the starting point for further expression within multiple computer programs. The finished piece can be printed on many surfaces from photo paper to canvas. Whatever the medium, I am completely immersed in the process. I strive to be always improving my skills, to grow as an artist and person and to help others do the same.

Bio / Description

From a very early age, it was evident that I possessed unique abilities in drawing. Many hours were spent drawing in my childhood. Without even being aware, I was training my eyes and hands. At some point I began to observe the work of others, whose skills were at a higher level than mine. My own work progressed as I tried to emulate their quality and style. I was initially drawn to photography as reference for my drawings. A well-shot photo was an excellent reference for a detailed drawing or painting. But almost immediately I gained appreciation for photography as its own art form. This led me to want to improve my abilities in this area, so I enrolled in a beginning photography course as an undergrad. I continue to learn as much as I can about all of my interests through a growing library and occasional enrollment in formal classes and workshops. While I take great pleasure in immersing myself in the beauty of nature, my work focuses mainly on the beauty inherent in people, whether it be portrait or figure. I have always been compelled to depict my subjects realistically and detailed, yet somewhat idealized. Each person has inherent value and I want to present them at their best. That said, my most successful work contains an element of storytelling, including one that is allegorical. This is where I see my work headed. These images illustrate a concept about humanity’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual state.