Artist Profile

Kelly Hieronymus Whiting

Artist Statement

I am fascinated with the world from above; from the sky each corner of our world is unique. The land shifts and morphs as a result of agriculture, natural forces, and the effects of mankind, resulting in sad but beautiful places. Sometimes change occurs as a result of years of action, other times it is sudden and without warning. My interests lie where the change is most dramatic: salt flats, suburban spread, deforestation, and agriculture. I hope that people take away from my work that there is an unrecognized beauty in every detail of the land. Although our situation is dire, there remains wonder in the healing power of nature and an opportunity for rebirth and rejuvenation. I hope that my work inspires others to explore the world from a new vantage point, find beauty in what they see, and strive to protect it.

Bio / Description

Kelly Hieronymus Whiting (b. 1983 Urbana, Illinois) explores the land from above – while in the air she meditates on the lines that the third agriculture revolution has etched in to our world. As the toxic and ugly thoughts of the industry subside and she eventually sees the beauty of the fields: the repetition, shadows, their history and future. Her interest began early, being toted from one silo to the next in the backseat of her grandfather’s Buick [he was an AgEd professor] she saw the corn and beans grow across the flat-flat earth and the storms romp across the wide open sky. As a child she was encouraged to explore art in all of its forms and was given space to paint on the walls and time to wander, finally settling on printmaking and painting after college.