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Brock Eddleman

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My name is Brock Eddleman if gathered illusions glass. I am originally from Springfield, IL but reside in Bloomington, IL with my Wife Courtney and three kids Warren, Jack and Lyla. I have been flame working borosilicate glass since 1998 and got intro furnace worked soft glass around 2002. I have taken classes classes with several prominent glass blowers in the flame work industry such as Robert Michelson, Eugene Goines, Joe Peters, Banjo and Jerry Kelly. My soft glass skills were obtained through local greats James Downey, Todd Maniki and Michael Amis. I make items such as vases, bowls, paper weights, pumpkins, flowers, marbles, pens, pendants and a slew of other creations when the moment strikes me. Milli and Murrini cane work is my favorite thing to create at the moment.