Artist Profile

Anat Ronen

13731 Kensington Pl, Houston, TX 77034

Artist Statement

I mostly paint for clients. I do commissions. But my greatest joy is to be able to use a wall for something far deeper than the usual commission, my own view presented on the wall and delivering my message. My soul painted in vivid colors for the world to see. I hope it makes a difference. The Station Museum exhibit in 2013 has opened up a whole new world for me – harnessing my gift and using it to deliver my messages to this world using brushes and paints. It is now my mission.

Bio / Description

Anat is a self-taught artist, focusing on street art: murals and street painting in particular. In another lifetime, she was an office worker, never dreaming of actually doing something else, especially not art related! She never thought she could make a living while doing her art, but when she started offering her artistic services four years ago, it became obvious that was her thing. One project led to the other, and every gig was a step up. Anat paints mostly with brushes, using latex (house paint), acrylics, tempera, and also uses pastels, pens, markers and even does digital work on her tablet. She painted over 400 murals throughout Houston and beyond, including public spaces like interstate highways, bridges, buildings, schools, churches and more. In 2011, Anat was the featured artist in the Houston Via Colori international street painting festival, and participated in numerous national and international street painting and mural festivals in the USA and beyond. She promotes public art through participating in larger and smaller venues doing street painting and mural work, and donates her time and talent whenever she can. Anat keeps on painting on walls and on pavement in Houston and surrounding areas as well as in other cities and countries. While traveling and doing some work anywhere needed, Anat mostly focuses in beautifying the city she now calls home, Houston. Anat was born in 1971 in Israel, and lives in Houston since 2007. She lives with her husband, teenage son and their 5 cats.