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Sky Gallery submissions now being accepted!


Champaign County is an incredibly creative community overflowing with talent. Adams Outdoor Advertising and 40 North | 88 West want to feed those creative flames by creating a different type of rotating gallery. Sky Gallery is an outlet for local artists to display their work on possibly the largest canvas in town: billboards! Sky Gallery is a unique opportunity for an artist to share their creativity with the community on a whole new level.

Congratulations to these 6 artists who will have their image featured on a custom 10' x 30' billboard during 2015! The boards will move to various locations throughout Champaign-Urbana. 

Allen Creamean, Gritting Teeth, acrylic marker on canvas

"Gritting Teeth was created to depict the shear strength and willpower required to overcome the psychological torment and hopelessness those suffer when battling cancer. The piece primarily uses variations of green (designated color for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma awareness) in support of my mother Sharon Creamean, as well as others who are fighting through this devastating illness."

Sophie McMahan
 Monster Love, ink & digital color

 “This image was inspired by vintage romance comics from the 1960s.  I also have a fascination with monsters and strange beings, so I decided to distort this attractive couple into bizarre, scaled creatures.  I used this image for the cover of one of my comics, "You Were Swell 2," and I can't wait to see it on a billboard!”


Elis Artz, Frida, acrylic on canvas

 “Frida Kahlo began to paint while recovering from a bus accident in 1925 that left her seriously disabled. Her paintings are a kind of exorcism by which she projected her anguish on to another Frida, in order to separate herself from pain and at the same time confirm her hold on reality. Painting my Frida made me realize that no matter whether she was in Paris, New York, or Mexico, she clothed herself elaborately in the Tehuana costumes of Indian maidens. Frida's country defined her with bold and vibrant colors. All I wanted was to bring a happy Frida to life.”

Sara Jahn, The Fruits of Our Labors, oil on canvas

“My work explores the inherent violence of food production and consumption, from environmentally harmful farm practices to the exploitation of migrant workers and third-world resources. The stark realism and painterly techniques I employ call to mind the still lives of the early 17th century, reflecting on wealth, excess, and the brevity and bitterness of life.”


Stephen GlasgowSilly Bird! mixed media

"My approach to art is random; the only unifying concept being some idea I felt the need to explore. The style and materials used in its creation are nothing more than ingredients for an end result. An idea can be anything – dark, serious, energetic, calming, etc. In this case however the goal was simply to make people smile."


Matt Freden
, Appendages, acrylic on panel with digital manipulation

“Twisting and constricting in a nebulous fume of noxious celestial effluvium, this immense tangled mass of appendages coil and multiply around emerging ocular protuberances.”





All billboard space donated by Adams Outdoor Advertising. Production cost provided by 40 North.

For more info, contact:
Kelly White, Executive Director
40 North | 88 West
Champaign County Arts Council
106 S. Neil St.
Champaign, IL 61820
ph. 217.351.9841
fx. 217.398.3037