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I specialize in custom abstract art, I paint on a large scale platform using bright, bold color, intense movement with a strong vibe. My design styling is minimalist industrial styling, with contemporary to modern themes, working in the downtown urban warehouse, and loft living spaces. If you would like any further information please send me an email, and I will get back to you, Thank You Trey Coppland.
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Welcome, I am Trey Coppland. an Artist and Designer living in Champaign, Illinois. As an Abstract medium, I use bright bold color to create a story. My work has a contemporary to modern flare to it. I like to paint on a large-scale platform, the bigger the canvas, the bigger the story. My art is split into albums, on my Google Plus Page.
When I work with clients, I like to collect ideas from their homes, lifestyles, ect. I as minimalist, I like the art to reflect the statement and color scheme of the room. Really, I want the art to be focal point the room.

I love to work with Urban Lofts, large open spaces, exposed piping, brick walls, and over sized windows, from ultra modern to eclectic styling. A loft or a warehouse space are two of my favorites to design spaces. There are some many have so many unique options to consider.

I use Tumblr for all my work , art, and music. I edition I have a blog titled "Mafia Art Blog", I post my art work, friends and some of my favorite's artist's as well.

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School of Art and Design Street Style

Art and Design, 1988 - present

Education School of Art and Design Street Style Art and Design, 1988 – present- Life is a learning a process, you learn from your mistakes, if you don’t have any mistakes you have not learned, Art comes from your Soul, it’s a gift. You don’t learn gifts in school, you master them as you grow, the older you are the more wisdom you have, with wisdom you have mastered your gift of life. Art is Art. Interior Design some people are born with an eye for design and style, adding color to a to a room through Art and letting the Art be the statement and be the focal point, you learn less is more, being a minimalist in life and design you learn what your treasures are in life. Art is Art.
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1407 South State Street Studio # 203 Champaign Illinois , 61820