Stephen Glasgow

Artist Statement: 
Artist statements are an interesting thing really. Usually they will denote what an artist does, and/or what cause they support. Mine is much simpler than that... I don't really have one. For me, my creation of art is a bit of a journey of personal exploration; striving to get better, learn new techniques, or simply, create what ever I think sounds cool at the time. One day may take me into the abstract realm, another towards ultra realism, while another day creating mechanical insects. Completely and totally random. Where this is all leading, I'm not sure really. However it truly is a case of the journey being more fun than arriving at the destination
Bio / Description: 

Im a graphic designer who is working on being a better artist. Although trained in traditional media I've developed a strong interest in digital painting. My work pulls in elements from both traditional and digital, depending on the piece being created. In other words, what ever worksNike Air Max