Shoshanna Bauer

Artist Statement: 
I think of myself as an expressionist painter. When you look at my work do you have an emotional pull? Do you have a gut reaction? Do you look deeper and begin to wonder? Good. To me art is at its best when it causes you to feel something. Color causes an emotional impact. I paint with bold, vibrant colors because they speak directly to our emotions, instantly connecting us with the images. I’ve always been a storyteller at heart. I wonder about the Universe and our place in it. Working with watercolor I’m able to use a technique that allows me to become not just the creator, but a participant in a dialog between myself and the painting, (and perhaps something more). The technique I use involves putting salt down on wet paint. As it dries, luscious blooms and star effects form. Going back, I contemplate the painting, looking for ideas and images after it has dried. Almost like cloud watching or an ink blot test. Through this method I am able to channel my subconscious and bring forth imagery, archetypes and symbols that I would never “think” to paint otherwise. As a result each painting is personal snapshot of my thoughts and emotions of that given moment. Ultimately my goal is to enable the viewer to connect with their own inner sense of wonder, emotions and perhaps that “something more”.
Bio / Description: 

Shoshanna Bauer is a watercolorist who creates vibrantly colored, inspirational, and thought provoking paintings. Her abstract subject matter is spiritual and metaphorical, while her more representational work is often whimsical and fantastic.

In 2005, Shoshanna began utilizing social media networks like Flickr, MySpace and Livejournal. It wasn’t long before she branched out to include Facebook, Twitter and online galleries to market and promote her art all over the world. Locally, Shoshanna has shown at venues such as the Boneyard Arts Festival, Artists Against AIDS, HeartlandArtGallery and Madeline’s Confectionary Arts Studio.

Beginning her college education at Parkland Community College she studied under watercolor artist and now Professor Emeritus, Donald K. Lake. After receiving her Associates Degree in Art and Design, Shoshanna transferred to Eastern Illinois University where she received two consecutive Talented Student Award scholarships and her B.A. in Studio Art. In 2008, Shoshanna was selected to receive Illini Radio Group’s “20 Outstanding Women You Should Know” award. In 2009, she began selling Fine Art Gicleés in addition to her original paintings.

Shoshanna was born in Colorado and moved to the university town of Champaign-Urbana when she was eight years old, with her parents and her sister. She has called the twin cities her home ever since and continues to live there with her husband, daughter and four cats.Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

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