Richard Benoit

Artist Statement: 
Paintings are like poetry. If their meaning isn’t completely spelled out or absolutely clear, that meaning will rustle about like dried leaves and eventually come to settle. At that moment when the meaning comes to light one gets a sensation of peace and recognition, a glimpse of the universal. The best paintings are not tied to any particular time or place but are flexible vibrant things that bring a fresh feeling each time they are viewed. I like to treat the painting surface not as a place to describe something but more as a place for something to happen. Put simply, my art is a random collection of chance and intent with the underlying belief that art can be a transcendent experience. While working I like to leave evidence of the art making process (dribbles, brush strokes etc.) to celebrate the act of communication. Beauty is important but not at the expense of emotion, and passion is always more important than technique. For me art is a quiet place of introspection and repose. I like to create work that people would want to return to time and again, work that elicits an emotional response, work where there’s truth not just taste and real beauty, not just ornamentation. Memorable art is a refuge, a place to smooth the waters. Through my work I wish the viewer a life full of quiet moments, full of answers, full of peace, and full of beautiful engaging art.
Bio / Description: 

Richard Benoit, from Kankakee, Illinois, is a self-taught artist with a degree in photography. He works in a full complement of subjects using pastel, charcoal acrylic paint and mixed media. He has been pursuing a career in art as a means of self-expression.
Richard has been exhibiting his artwork, including his photography, for many years. Originally he got into photography when using that medium to take visual notes for his paintings and drawings but now he concentrates almost exclusively on that latter mode of expression. His work has been described as wonderfully intense, powerful and original and is included in the Illinois Institute of Art and Governors State University’s permanent collections, the Bourbonnais and Bradley Public Libraries, Aventis Pharmaceutical, Riverside Medical Center and many private and public collections throughout the U S.
Richard is a Guild member of the Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights, IL. and is an artist member of Tall Grass Arts Association in Park Forest, IL.

8 Old Orchard Lane Kankakee, IL. 60901