Louise Audrieth

Artist Statement: 
As an artist, my first impetus for painting and drawing is because I enjoy it. While watercolor is a challenging medium, it also lends itself to spontaneity. I never know for sure when I start a painting exactly how it’s going to turn out. Sometimes it has to get a little ugly before I can coax some meaning out of the brushstrokes. When I use pen and ink, I have total control. Using both watercolor and pen and ink brings me a sense of balance as the control of the pen reigns in the chaos of watercolor. The more fish I paint and draw, the more I find to explore, but it may soon be time to move on to other subjects. There are countless creatures out there still to capture on paper; not to mention landscapes, still lifes, portraits, architectural studies . . . no shortage of material!
Bio / Description: 

I began my life as an artist on the floor of the dining room, drawing with crayons while my mother played the piano. My favorite game was to draw what I felt from her music.

I studied art and design at North Park College in Chicago, then pursued a career in graphic arts, finally retiring from that in March 2012. Meanwhile, I continued to study painting and drawing in my own time. I took classes wherever and whenever I could. I studied acrylic painting and anatomy drawing under Tom Heflin (another artist represented here on Fine Art Studio Online) through Rock Valley College in Rockford, IL. I went to work early, worked through my lunch hour, and stayed late, so I could take a class in watercolor from Don Lake at Parkland College in Champaign, IL. I began painting with watercolors about 15 years ago and continue to learn new techniques and explore new subject matter.

I have displayed my work at summer art fairs throughout Illinois and in Wisconsin, displayed at the Artists Against Aids benefit show and sale in Champaign, IL, where I was the top seller in 2004. When I went to pick up my paintings, they handed me a check! I have displayed at the Boneyard Arts Festival in Champaign/Urbana, and had a show with my husband at Indigo Artists' Co-op in Champaign, IL. He had photographs of ships and I was doing paintings of fish, so we called the show "Fish and Ships".
My fish paintings were so well received that I decided to keep swimming for a while.nike

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