Lori Fuller

Bio / Description: 

As a child from a large family, Lori Fuller has always felt welcome in the great outdoors. Growing up in a small rural area, she spent many summers harvesting the food for our family. She would help the family by picking strawberries, shucking corn, and snapping beans. In the winter, she would help her dad gather wood to keep the family warm. As she became older, she developed another level of appreciation.

In college, she experienced her first trip to the Art Institute of Chicago. She had seen photographs of famous works of art before, but seeing Van Gogh and Monet in person gave her goosebumps. She was deeply fascinated by the way the colors and shapes were interacting on the canvas. As she stood in front of one of Monet’s landscapes, she began reminiscing her childhood. She could see the purple-brown dirt and smell the earth under her fingernails. She could see the bark peeling on the trees and remember the feeling of cold air in her lungs as she helped dad chop the woods. She recalled staring at the snow resting on the pine needles and chunks of ice floating slowly down the stream.

As an adult, she still finds a strong connection with Nature. Her family hikes as often as they can. She walks along the path watching, listening, and capturing the experience; watching the shadows, the sunlight sparkle of the water, and rocks standing strong as water wanders around them.

The landscape paintings reflect her personal engagement with the Natural World. All of the images are inspired by Nature she has experienced: the colors, textures, and drama. The process of painting is one where she re-lives her travels and childhood. It is powerful.
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Tolono, Illinois