Lisa Cerezo

Artist Statement: 
My name is Lisa Cerezo, and I consider myself an entertainment enabler. I believe that creative people have every bit as much of a right to forge a career based on their talents as do teachers, doctors, lawyers, and any other professionals you might mention. Culture is an integral part of the development of a healthy society; without it we are nothing. Artistic talent is a gift, and should be valued as such. It takes time and energy to cultivate that talent, and art is not free. When I’m not bringing creatives together, I sing, read, write, experiment with photography, craft, and parent. I’d love to know what you do, and explore what we might create together.
Bio / Description: 

Lisa is a writer, music educator, and semi-professional performer, having sung with local performers Dave Cooper, Steve Meadows, Carnivale Debauche, and The Curses. She has also worked as a music director with the Champaign Urbana Theatre Company in their productions of AIDA and THE PRODUCERS.

When not engaged in music-related events, she writes and develops websites for ThirdSide, a company she and her husband started in 2011. You can view her writings and portfolio at She also experiments with videography and jewelry making, and is currently writing her first novella.Nike Air Max 200