Kirsten Gilmore

Artist Statement: 
When making a poured painting, I deliberately introduce elements of chance, then look for patterns in that first layer. These patterns suggest a subject and composition. The painting grows further with precisely-controlled painting techniques: glazing, opaque layers, knife painting, etc. I see the process as a metaphor of taking the often chaotic life we're given, then making a sort of sense out of it, seeking out patterns, adding our own marks upon the surface of the changing world.
Bio / Description: 

I am self-representing Illinois painter, living in the Champaign-Urbana area. I sell original art online and ship it directly from my studio to your home or office. I also sell prints and cards via Fine Art America online. My current focus is on both one-of-a-kind, poured acrylic paintings and commissioned, large custom-colored abstract paintings.

Some exciting experimental pouring techniques have been developing in my studio this past year:

My recent poured agate painting series was featured in my artist interview for the July/September 2014 print issue of Rocks&Minerals Magazine. These paintings are made by pouring, tilting, and manipulating the surface of the painting as the liquid, acrylic paint moves across the surface. These paintings change as they dry, the edges expanding, the colors clarifying:  revealing translucent layers of embedded, often intricately-marbled patterns.

I also am making a related, very eco-friendly series of collage-based paintings made from the dried pieces of paint that dripped off of these poured paintings. The dried paint pieces get cut and collaged to form whole new compositions. I use the randomness of the dripped paint as a surrealist-inspired chance device for removing some control from the beginning of the process.


In a similar vein, I plan to make a new series of audience-influenced "pour creature" paintings where audience members online suggest what animals these paint drippings look like. Then, their words have an influence on the direction I take with each new piece.


1011 S. Mattis Ave. Champaign, IL 61821