Kelli Roos

Artist Statement: 
Tell the story well, that's all an audience asks for. I strive to accomplish this with all my illustrations. I must be aware of technical needs of a story or message, through setting and characters. I research the environment for the authenticity of the scene. Other times I must appeal to the senses and emotions to carry the image's message. Either to se a memory, or use the angle of the scene to increase tension. The reader may not notice it, but if they feel it, I've succeeded. I want readers and viewers of my illustrations to know the characters, the story, and engage with the story. I want to spark the imagination of a reader further, so they may create as well.
Bio / Description: 

Kelli Roos is a passionate artist who share this love as an illustrator, graphic designer, and as a teacher. For over 13 years, Kelli has helped her clients communicate their needs and stories through her design and illustration. She is the illustrator for the children books Ol' Pigtoes and the upcoming Goodnight Princess. She shares her love of storytelling through the Champaign Park District as an art teacher. She teaches classes on how to create and draw comics for a variety of age groups. She shows students how professional create their comics and shows students how to make their stories engaging to their audience.

Ol' Pigtoes Website:

Kelli Roos has admired art since the age of 3. She wasn't studying DaVinci, but Scooby Doo was just as enthralling at that age. Throughout the afternoon, Kelli would watch as many cartoons as she was allowed. This prompted Kelli's mom to write a note in a journal, “She is a cartoon nut.” As Kelli grew, she emulated the cartoons and comics around her, developing pencil control and learning more and more about storytelling. To continue her education, Kelli entered college and focused on graphic design and drawing and received her BFA in graphic design with an emphasis in figure drawing in May 2000.Cole Haan Zerogrand 2020 , First Look at New Running Shoes