Jessie Scheunemann

Artist Statement: 
Graphic Designer. Photographer. Illustrator. Painter. Fun to Hang Out With.
Bio / Description: 

Graphic Designer.
Jessie focuses on meeting the design needs of businesses with small budgets through her work at Jessie Marie Studio, LLC. Small businesses, start-ups, work-at-home moms, churches and non-profits are on her client list.

Nature & lifestyle photography fill Jessie's camera most days. Find collections of those photos at
or at

Jessie & her husband, Jarrod, published their first children's book, Adventures with Ranger Roy: Acadia National Park, in 2010. Jessie illustrated it using paper cut illustrations & Jarrod wrote it.

Oil paint has been Jessie's medium of choice since college. Three of her paintings were on display through 40 North's Sight Specific program in the spring of 2012. You can see them here:

Fun to Hang Out With.
Jessie lives in Champaign with her husband, Jarrod, and her two children, Cadence & Gavin. The Scheunemanns own & operate Jessie Marie Studio, LLC, a small design studio. In their free time they travel here, there & everywhere. Any extra money they have left at the end of the month they spend on concert tickets.Air Jordan

1011 W. Washington Street Champaign IL 61821