Jeff Evans

Artist Statement: 
“The question is not what one looks at, but what one sees.” -- Thoreau This project is about the everyday, paying attention to objects and situations that often go unnoticed. It’s precisely because they’re everyday that they go unnoticed, but once noticed they defy expectations and are seen as unique, no longer everyday. The photo of a clock without hands was taken a block away from a photo studio where I had prints made, yet the studio owner had to ask where it was. These are photos anyone could have taken, but almost no one does.
Bio / Description: 

Being a rocket scientist wasn't the glamorous, exciting job I thought it was going to be. It was actually quite boring. So as a creative outlet I began to actively pursue photography, taking photography classes and going to galleries and museums in my spare time. I've found photography classes are good, but reading photo books and seeing art exhibits are better teachers. The best teacher, though, is taking and learning from my own photos. I've shown my photos in Chicago, Salt Lake City; Raleigh, North Carolina, and Brooklyn, NY.Asics Onitsuka Tiger