Jason Michael Bentley

Artist Statement: 
I am often moved to make an impression of what is beautiful and graceful. Even the simple aspects of applying a mark on paper or canvas can be a joy. And working with a suite of marks that eventually deliver form is a way of giving life all over again. I have not been an artist that desires to create something radical and leave a wake of mystification behind my every stroke. To me, for now, my drawings and paintings act as an outlet and reference to my studies and curiosities. They are embellished only by the way a unique individual can see the world as compared to another, honestly, and without agenda for something greater. I am not against exploration or fanciful ideas that help transcend one’s existence and understanding, rather, I simply enjoy growing into such a revelation by way of appreciating the smaller aspects of the application itself.
Bio / Description: 

Influenced by the home gaming culture as a child, Jason’s earlier material consisted of small doodled characters that eventually developed to more detailed comic book style illustrations in his adolescence. These illustrations made for a suitable transition into a more “Fine Arts” approach to subject matter.

While working toward his AFA at Parkland College, Jason studied drawing, watercolor, and design under professors Don Lake and Ann Coddington Rast. Introductions to new mediums such as pen and ink and photography also contributed to an expanding knowledge of artistic processes and relationships.

Upon transferring to the University of Illinois to pursue a BFA in Graphic Design, Jason found digital media’s aesthetic applications to be discomfortingly unfamiliar, but provocative and challenging. The influence of this new visual culture set the stage for continued interest and further exploration in the relationships of combined media, its levels of communication, and social intent.สินค้าออกกำลังกายผู้หญิง คุณภาพ ราคาพิเศษ

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