Ian W. Johnson

Artist Statement: 
My job is to create illustrations that entertain and help people understand complex mechanisms or concepts. My Illustration work primarily utilizes Adobe Illustrator because I can create complex images quickly and efficiently. The final result are highly designed illustrations that are engaging and simple to understand. I also utilize Adobe Photoshop for the more fantastic images of book e-zine work because Photoshop offers more flexibility in creating illustrations along with more dynamic color choices.
Bio / Description: 

I grew up in Liberty Missouri, just North of Kansas City. During my early 20's I would spend Saturday nights in KC with a sketchbook and a couple of pencils. This was also how I was introduced to the wonderful world of blues and the odd Busker or two.
When I moved to Champaign the first time, it was 2003 and the goal then was to attend Parkland College and earn my Associates in Art and eventually get a BA in art somewhere.
During the Winter of 2008, that somewhere turned out to be DeKalb Illinois where I was accepted at Northern Illinois University. There I took all the illustrations courses I could and met many new people. I also worked at the Art Museum which was as much a learning experience as the classes I took were. When I graduated in 2010, I began my freelance Illustration career and continued to live in DeKalb until the winter of 2011

Today I live back in Champaign where I continue to work as a freelance illustrator.nike zoom air max 1999 series

815 508-9905
Champaign Illinois