Gary Beaumont

Artist Statement: 
Recent Juried Recognition • 2004 Illinois Artisans Program • 2006 New Hampshire Institute of Art, Biennial Exhibit • 2007 Illinois State Fair, Professional Artists Exhibit • 2007 Roswell Fine Arts League 24th Juried Show • 2008 Genesee Center for the Arts, History in the Making • 2009 Genesee Center for the Arts, History in the Making • 2011 Dunedin Arts Crystalline Exhibition, NCECA • 2011 22nd Annual Teapot Show, Chiaroscuro Galleries • 2012 Nellie Allen Smith Competition, Cape Fear Studios • 2013 Baltimore Clayworks, 100 Teapots VI
Bio / Description: 

For me, there has always been something fascinating and magical about pottery — taking products from the earth, combining them in unique ways, and creating something artistic as well as utilitarian.

Pottery speaks directly to what it means to be human. I can imagine early people sitting around a fire, discovering how heat made clay hard and how to shape clay into useful containers. Most importantly, they chose to make pots interesting to look at and a joy to touch by adding color and texture.

My goal is to carefully craft pots, offering people in our “fast-food” society a reason to stop and notice how something looks and feels … Something that slows them down, makes them aware of themselves, and conveys a sense of the spirit of humanity.

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