Erin Knowles

Bio / Description: 

I am a wife, mama, daughter, sister, out-of-shape sports nut, and a loyal friend. I am a slightly-better-than-terrible cook, I have a mild obsession with checking the weather/radar more often than facebook, and I will choose a Golden Girls rerun over just about anything else shown on TV these days.

I’m proud to say that for my job (outside of being a stay-at-home-mama) I get to meet extraordinary people and families who each have had unique experiences along the journey of life that make them who they are today. I get to witness the love shared between families or couples, sometimes in its rawest form, because no one that I know is ever fully comfortable getting their picture taken. I get to laugh, and play, and act like a complete fool, all for the sake of trying to capture that one moment that (hopefully) portrays a bit of the essence of the person on the other side of the camera. Sometimes this comes through in those piercing eyes, or a certain look. Sometimes the person isn’t even smiling, or (gasp!) even looking at the camera. I’m not looking for perfection, or adorably posed moments; I’m looking for you, I’m looking to tell a little story about you, in that moment of our encounter.

Currently I capture images of families and events, with an occasional wedding thrown in to the mix for good measure. I don't own a studio so the world is our playground!2020 Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid GS "Pink Quartz" 555112-603