Derek Winstanley

Artist Statement: 
I have no formal training in art or woodwork. I create sculptures in wood and stone to expresses myself and the world I have experienced. I work with domestic and exotic hardwoods to create free-form sculptures that bring out the natural beauty inherent in the materials. What to many may be waste products, such as bark and sapwood, become integral parts of the design and character of my sculptures. The wide range of natural wood colors provides an artist's palette without staining or artificial treatment: for example, bloodwood is deep red, holly is the purest white wood, ebony is black, and rosewood ranges from purple to cream. If I had to use one word to describe many of my sculptures it would be biomorphic - life forms. I find a common thread in being an artist and a scientist. A research scientist creates new knowledge, understanding and order from rough material. A sculptor creates a new form from rough material. The intensity of concentration and expression in sculpting is similar to that in conducting scientific research. The real challenge in wood and stone sculpting is that it is subtractive and mistakes usually are fatal.
Bio / Description: 

Born in the coal town of Wigan, northern England. Awarded BA, MA (geography) and DPhil (climatology) at Oxford University. Worked in London, Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America on topics such as the migration of Desert Locusts and birds, climate change, acid rain and water supply. Twin sister. Married with 3 children.
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Champaign, Illinois