Debra Domal

Artist Statement: 
Debra Domal's work uses a variety of spiritual symbol languages, particularly Nordic bindrunes (combinations of multiple Runic letters) and alchemical symbols to tell stories,convey blessings and inspire meditation on concepts ranging from healing to creativity. She works primarily with India ink on rag, “sealing” each piece with a dab of red paint and ground dragon’s blood resin, a symbolic version of the blood seals used in ancient blessings. Her current series explores jazz music as an alchemical process, examining themes of improvisation, counterbalance and fusion.
Bio / Description: 

Originally from New York City, Debra Domal came to Champaign-Urbana in 1995 for graduate school, and it has been her home ever since. Her work has appeared at Artist Against Aids, Boneyard Arts Festival, and Champaign Art Salon, and is also available at Furniture Lounge, in downtown Champaign, and Wind, Water, Light, in Lincoln Square Mall and Amara Yoga & Arts (mall-adjacent) in downtown Urbana. Her work is informed by her study of jazz with students of Lennie Tristano, along with her study of occult spiritual symbol languages, such as Runes and alchemical symbols.Face Mask Required Signs for Businesses, Restaurants and Offices