A totem of sorts, SPROUT precariously swells toward the sky with rings of color providing a visual narrative of our historical past. Though solidly based in the ground, SPROUT stretches upward highlighting the passage of time, symbolic legend, lineage and notable events. Some bands are thick and bright and bold reflecting success, happiness and progress, while others are dark and muted revealing our times of hidden pain, suffering and sadness. No two cycles are the same but they are needed as a solid foundation for growth, as an individual, as a community, and as a human race.

SPROUT encourages us as individuals to look at our past, not in judgment, but in appreciation. Noting the variations along the way, we can ourselves sprout change by simply remembering to look up.

This piece was created with a series of PVC pipes graduating in size. A thin layer of paper mache comprised of water-resistant flexible grout was applied over the entire piece. After painting the varying stripes with acrylic paint, a layer of clear epoxy resin was applied to create a shiny, hard, weatherproof barrier.

LOCATION: Citizen Park | Champaign