K Hieronymus W | Pod No. 7

Pod No. 7

One year ago, we were told to make our world smaller. For many of us, that meant our immediate family. During the last year, our small worlds would briefly overlap with others - because we were hurt, we needed to help, or had to work. Our small worlds at these moments intersected with others small worlds, there was an overlap in our lives. These intersections became definable moments, small and big decisions to let people into our lives. I define this overlap as a moment, a heavily weighted decision to join your life with someone else because of the complexity/chaos of everyday life.

Each circle is a pod (a group of people quarantined together). Sometimes we were able to safely cross pods and for a short time we could experience each other’s now smaller worlds. This intersection is called a moment. This is how I have experienced the last year, through overlaps in pods, a moment defined by big small decisions. As people move around my piece I want them to see how I experienced quarantine, brief moments in time where my world was still confined but didn’t seem so small - the moments that our small pod briefly joined someone else’s.

The pods are constructed with plywood circles that incase neon plexiglass. The pods are meant to overlap and then self-isolate as you move around the piece.