JUDY LEE | (C3H4O2)n


During quarantine, I had to close down my business ‘Nifty Nook’ which was a local shop where artists could sell their work. I took the opportunity to pivot, and my parameters were determined by the limitations of COVID. We structured the new business by looking at our limits: we weren’t allowed to be in public retail spaces, go to live events, or do anything in person. I decided to take our business online where we focused on e-commerce and social media, while keeping our “made by makers” vision. After trying a bunch of different maker machines, the 3d printer proved to be by far the most effective, and we launched a couple products that went viral. Through that effort, I was able to scale up to 100 machines.

I want this piece to inspire people to think creatively, by showing them how simple plastic pieces can move kinetically. I think quarantine showed me that creativity within parameters can turn into something really interesting, and something you wouldn’t have thought of before.

LOCATION: Douglass Park | Champaign