GARY BEAUMONT | Planetary Platters

Planetary Platters 

For me ceramic art is magical … taking earth materials, combining them in unique ways, and creating something artistic.

Ceramics speaks directly to what it means to be human. I often think about early people sitting around a fire, discovering how heat made clay turn hard, and then shaping this clay into useful containers. Most importantly, they made their pots interesting to look at by adding color and texture and imagery.

My goal is similar … To carefully craft pieces, so that when people see them, they say, “Wow. I’ve never seen anything like this.” In this way, my art offers people in this “fast food” culture a reason to stop and notice how something looks and feels … Something that conveys a sense of the spirit of humanity.

These “planetary platters" are an abstraction in clay and glaze of planetary objects. They are made of high fired porcelain.

LOCATION : Beardsley Park | Champaign