EKAH | Entre Chien et Loup (Between Dog and Wolf)

Entre Chien et Loup (Between Dog and Wolf)

“Between dog and wolf” is a literal translation from French, “entre chien et loup.” It is an old French meaning dusk or twilight. It is believed that at a certain time of the day, it is difficult to tell a difference between a dog and a wolf. 

When a viewer moves around the installation, the blocks will appear to “shimmer” or flicker, as the images transition from one image to another depending on the viewer’s point of view. Upon closer inspection, the viewer should discover a visual story.

This piece is composed of 50 lenticular blocks mounted on two wooden panels. Each block is composed of a lenticular (lens) sheet and interlaced digital image. The installation overall has several sequential illustrations depicting twilight and creatures of mistaken identity.

My work often depicts animals in surreal settings, and I have worked on various lenticular projects in the past. My very first lenticular project was borne out of my passion for the art of animation and the desire to turn “hologram” toys once found inside boxes of Cracker Jack snacks into an object one could display as one would with paintings. A viewer will recognize the medium even if one has not encountered lenticular art in such a format and in said environment. Its familiarity makes the installation accessible to everyone.

LOCATION: South Ridge Park | Urbana