Accessibility & Inclusion

A Word on Accessibility and Inclusion:

As we work to build more art spaces that offer greater accessibility and better reflect our community, we offer the following considerations for the Great ARTdoors applicants:

  • Include diverse representation in imagery depicting people. Consider reflecting strong diversity of race/ethnicity, culture/tradition, size, clothing, gender representation, physical ability, and social class.
  • If text appears, consider the representation of multiple languages. Of note, Champaign County is home to a strong diversity of languages--with significant populations of native speakers of the following foreign languages: French, Spanish, and Mandarin. 
  • Consider how your artwork will be easily experienced or viewed by someone with limited mobility. Is it easy to approach? If it has interactive parts, are they accessible in height to children or community members who use wheelchairs or mobility devices?
  • Give the work a sense of place. Does the submitted work reflect the surrounding area? Consider how the artwork may uniquely speak back to the community.
  • If the work tells a story about the community, ensure stories and imagery reflect the community’s diversity and work to elevate untold stories. 

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