Info for Artists


EXHIBITION REQUIREMENTS: A 10 X 10 foot space will be provided for all selected artists. Tents must be secure enough to withstand wind and inclement weather.

MISCELLANEOUS: No commission is required on sales. Artists are responsible for collecting and reporting all applicable Illinois Sales Tax. Artists are required to be present with their work during all festival hours.

ARTIST AGREEMENT: By submitting an application to Crystal lake Art Fair, it is understood that all rules and information have been read and that the artist agrees to abide by these and warrants that the works submitted for jurying were produced solely by the artist.


  • booth sitters
  • coffee and breakfast snacks during set up
  • food runners (food trucks on site)
  • hydration station
  • food discounts
  • booth signage
  • direct pull up drop off

QUESTIONS? Contact us at or 217.351.9841