FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about the Boneyard Arts Festival:

Who puts it on?
The Boneyard is presented annually by 40 North | 88 West -- Champaign County Arts Council.

What is it?
The Boneyard is a unique 3-day exhibition of performance, literary and visual art hosted in a wide variety of venues -- from private businesses to public spaces -- all around Champaign County, Illinois. Through the festival, artists and venues of all kinds come together to collaborate on shows, registering their participation with 40 North, which then highlights their creativity during one amazing weekend in mid April.

What constitutes a "venue"?
Any Champaign County space where art can safely be viewed or performed can be a venue during the Boneyard Arts Festival. Cafes, galleries, home studios, restaurants, bookstores, eye clinics and street corners have all acted as venues for the Boneyard.

What kinds of artists can participate?
The Boneyard Arts Festival is an all-inclusive opportunity open to artists of all backgrounds, interests, genres and media.

Is the festival juried?
No, it is up to the artists and venues to decide what exhibits and performances are registered for the Boneyard.

What are the hours/dates?
The 2020 Boneyard Arts Festival takes place:

  • Thursday, April 2 on UIUC Campus
  • Friday, April 3 in Champaign - Urbana 
  • Saturday, April 4 in Champaign -Urbana 
  • Sunday, April 5 Out and About Champaign County

    There are no hours per se -- events and exhibits can take place at any hour of their district day. 

Can I sell my work at the Boneyard or charge admission?
Yes, but be sure to ask your venue. There are no restrictions on admittance fees or sales at the Boneyard.

Will I be charged a commission?
40 North takes no commission on works sold during the Boneyard Arts Festival, however an individual venue may charge a commission. Check with your venue to see what, if any, commission they normally charge artists.

Where are the tents?
THERE ARE NO TENTS. The Boneyard differs from many street-based art festivals because it takes place in an array of venues -- galleries, law offices, museums, retail shops, ice cream parlors, hair salons and yes, in the streets -- all over the county.

Do artists pay to participate? No, there is no fee for artists to participate in the Boneyard Arts Festival.

Do venues?
Yes, it costs $50 -- payable by cash, check (made out to 40 North | 88 West) or credit card -- to be listed in our promotion as an official Boneyard Arts Festival venue.

How do I participate?
If you're an artist, you find a venue, confirm them as your host and register with 40 North. If you're a venue, you find an artist, confirm them as your exhibit and/or performance and register with 40 North.

How do I register?
Registration will open at the beginning of February 2020 - check back here for the online registration form! 

Where are the Boneyard Districts?

  • The UIUC Campus District  (Thursday, April 2nd) 
  • The Champaign - Urbana District (Friday, April 3rd & Saturday, April 4th) 
  • The Out & About Champaign County District (Sunday, April 5th) 

Not sure which District your venue falls in? Contact 40 North | 88 West at 217.351.9841 or

My exhibit/performance falls on a day other than the Boneyard District Day for my venue. Can I still participate?

If any part of your performance or exhibit (or series of performances or exhibits) takes place during your venue's District Day, yes. For example, if your exhibit of drawings in downtown Urbana is up for the entire month of April, then the Boneyard would highlight that exhibit on Friday & Saturday during the festival. If your concert in downtown Champaign takes place only on Sunday night, though, then it wouldn't be listed with the Boneyard's activities for that District. Confused or confounded? Contact 40 North ( and let's talk about the other ways that we can help you get the word out about your art!

Can more than one artist or performer be hosted in a single space?
Yes, there is no limit on the type or number of artists that can be hosted at a given space.

Can a venue host both visual arts and performance during the Boneyard?
You bet!

How is the festival marketed?
It's simple. During the four days and nights of the Boneyard, 40 North shines an intense promotional spotlight on the arts in Champaign County. You'll want to be sure and promote your events or displays through all the normal channels. However, when you register as an official Boneyard artist/venue, you also benefit from the wide array of marketing that 40 North does to promote the festival as a whole. In addition to the Official Boneyard Arts Festival Guide, our marketing efforts include:

  • posters plastered throughout the county 
  • postcards and flyers scattered and mailed 
  • billboards in multiple locations around C-U 
  • newspaper, television, and radio advertising 
  • &
  • social media including Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter 
  • and much more!

Can I be a festival sponsor? 40 North partners with many businesses, organizations and individuals to bring you the Boneyard Arts Festival each year. To learn more about opportunities for sponsorship, email

How can I get involved as a volunteer?
There's lots to do! Email us to find out more.

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