Friday, February 13, 2015
IMC Gallery

Featuring Artists:

Amy Wang
Catherine Norcott
Jesen Tanadi
Katie Zazenski
Site Li
Travis Hocutt

Plato’s theory of pure forms introduces the idea that every object is related to an ideal version of itself through degrees of purity or perfection. Pure forms do not exist physically in our reality. All objects are related to their pure form. Geometric forms are a perfect instance of this concept in that the idea a perfect geometric form is vital our basic understanding of mathematics. However, in its translation from the conceptual to the physical the geometric form can never be perfect, it is only a referent to the perfect, or understood form. Even as such, geometric forms pervade the world of the scientific; existing to comprise the machinery and instruments which allow us to expand our knowledge and understanding.

Artworks occupy a similar conceptual space, where it is understood that they exist both as physical objects but also as references to a deeper meaning. This collection of works from the collection of Travis Hocutt, hopes to illuminate the ossilation of a work between object and conceptual place-holder.