Champaign Central Drama Presents: Rumors

Sunday, April 24, 2016
Champaign Central High School

Come support Champaign Central Drama as they perform Rumors, a farce by Neil Simon
April 21st-23rd at 7:00 and the 24th at 2:30
Tickets are $5 for students (free with activity card) and $10 for adults

Charley and Myra Brock are having a party for their tenth anniversary, and have invited their closest friends over to celebrate. However, when the guests arrive, things do not go as previously planned. Myra is gone, the help is gone, and Charley has shot himself through the earlobe! It doesn't make any sense, and it is up to the four couples to determine how to handle the situation. People are going deaf, getting in car accidents, walking like giraffes, and getting blood conditions all because of one superficial head wound. The guests come to the conclusion that someone is going to have to pretend to be Charley when the police arrive... but who?

Ken Gorman: Nick Henson
Chris Gorman: Shireen Hassan
Leonard Ganz: Will Kanter
Claire Ganz: Georgia Atkinson
Ernie Cusack: Seth Lerner
Cookie Cusack: Allyson Boyd
Glenn Cooper: Mitchell Flanagin (Thurs/Sat) / Josh Harris (Fri/Sun)
Cassie Cooper: Omer Barkan (Thurs/Sat) / Grace Brown (Fri/Sun)
Officer Welch: Jack Wierschem
Officer Pudney: Nico Chiligiris
Male Understudy: Ben Wendt
Female Understudy/Myra: Anja SchragFace Mask Required Signs for Businesses, Restaurants and Offices

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