New artwork for M2 lobby to be revealed!

40 North, M2 on Neil, and One Main Management are thrilled to announce the reveal of new art work to be featured in the M2 Lobby by Jess Beyler entitled, "100 Famous Views of the Universe."

The artwork will be installed for the final Friday Night event of the summer on Friday, August 23rd in the M2 Lobby.

Jess Beyler was selected from more than 20 written proposals submitted by local artists. The jury was made up of tenants and management from One Main Management and M2 on Neil. Beyler will receive a $1,000 cash prize and her artwork will be featured in the M2 lobby for a period of 3 years.

Dave Jones, President of One Main Management, was impressed with the quality and scope of the submissions: "One Main Management and M2 on Neil were excited to offer this contest to local artists to have their work featured in our M2 lobby. The submissions that came in were so creative and inspiring, it was truly difficult to select a single artist to showcase. We look forward to welcoming the work of the selected artist, Jess Beyler, who presented us with her vibrant and visually inspiring creation. This is hopefully one of many ways we can support the arts which add to the charismatic atmosphere of living and working downtown.”

Light, space and motion have defined the majority of Beyler’s work. Her formal artistic training began at Schiller European University in Strasbourg, France. She received her BFA from Maine College of Art and her MFA from the University of Iowa. Beyler also studied ballet with Tatiana Bechanova of the Original Ballet Russe, modern dance at the University of Iowa, under Chester Wolensky of the Jose Limon Company, and at Ram Island Dance Company. She studied and taught karate at the Japan Karate Association in Chicago, receiving her first degree black belt from Nishiyama, and second degree black belt from Sugiyama. Beyler has shown her work in Portland Maine, Chicago, New York, and Champaign-Urbana.

“This piece was created specifically for the site at M2. I have worked to create a piece that can be seen either in its entirety or in smaller sections and still be compelling, a piece that invites you to notice something different each time you see it, a piece that can handle the light reflections that happen at night with the streetlights and pools of spot lighting without losing its compositional integrity, a piece that will open the space out rather than close it down. This work is inspired by the many photos taken by the Hubble telescope. Some of them have dramatic events in them, some of them contain more subtle areas of light and energy. I think of each one as a snap shot of one particular place in the infinite (to us) heavens that, gathered together, give a sense of the vastness and variety of it. The title of the piece, 100 Famous Views of the Universe, echoes the title a series of woodcuts by the Japanese artist Hiroshige called 100 Famous Views of Edo, published over a period of three years in 1856-1859. These prints were a bit like travel posters or souvenirs for the famous city of Edo. I like the idea of making travel posters for the whole universe. In spite of the title, there are only 36 panels. Unlike Hiroshige’s series, mine differ in size. Seven of the (much) larger panels in the series will be on view in Pasadena in April 2020 as part of a celebration/symposium for the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Telescope.”

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