Located in Champaign-Urbana IL we are committed to building community and strong individual voices through the power and practice of poetry. We meet once a week to workshop our poems and works in progress with the goal of publication in mind.

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UIUC CSSA Photography Studio is a photography student organization under Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA). We produce photo work for CSSA and other student organizations. We create many opportunities for students in U of I to get involved in photo art. Free events we hold every year also benefit students with our professional photo skills, such as free professional photo take.

Urbana Land Arts, is an design and applied arts studio whose focus is on integrating landscape architecture and public art through developing projects and programming which respond to history, ecology, and specificity of place. ULA believes that good design is the result of the careful consideration of the elements, both natural and cultural, and in a robust collaborative spirit that focuses on the genius of the group rather than a singular vision. We are located in the downstairs of [Co][Lab] at 206 W. Main in downtown Urbana, IL.

Founded 20/02/2002, Spineless Books is a local independent publishing house dedicated to producing innovative literature in print and electronic forms. Spineless Books also helps organize numerous local literary events, such as Callings, Urbana Burning, and Urbana Free Poetry.

The Institute 4 Creativity (I4C) was founded in September 2012 to help people of all ages and backgrounds understand, develop, and utilize their creativity by providing a dynamic synergy of education, arts, humanities, science, technology, and ecology. Our goal is to encourage creative expression and provide a safe and stimulating environment where everyone can come together to learn, teach, think, and grow.

I4C is an Illinois non-profit organization with a multi-purpose creativity center, located at 111 South Walnut in downtown Champaign, which features classroom, event, exhibition, and studio spaces. We also provide off-site workshops, presentations, events, and creative development opportunities, in addition to marketing assistance and networking opportunities to help promote individuals and groups engaged in creative pursuits.

For more information about I4C, contact:
Bill Longfellow, Director

Established in 1982, we are located near the University of Illinois campus in Champaign, Illinois, and specialize in custom t shirts and other select apparel and promotional items. In addition to our many loyal local customers, we have clients throughout the U.S. We are driven to provide the best service and quality for our customers. Our entire staff, in customer service and in production, has experience in the arts from music to photography to (of course) graphics. This means that the artist's eye for detail and quality is brought to bear on every aspect of every project.

Stories & Queer, founded by writer Brian Kornell and poet Ruben Quesada, is a traveling reading series based in Urbana-Champaign that aims to provide a space for local & national readers/listeners to connect with queer & queer-friendly writers in underrepresented areas of the country. Each reading features two local and one live streamed writer with consideration given to a represent culture, gender, and language. Additionally, the event will also be broadcast live and archived to the web. The virtual components of this series are unique and allow us to reach beyond the local borders of the event.

Queer poets and writers need to be given a space to share their work just as much as their straight counterparts. This is an issue of visibility. Queer voices should not be marginalized nor hidden away. Even though the LGBTQ community is on the brink of historic advancements in equal rights, bullying and anti-LGBTQ speech is still pervasive. The Stories & Queer reading series steps in to embrace queer and queer-friendly poets and writers who express themselves, the issues/ideas most important to them. This series makes a positive contribution to the literary and LGBTQ community by encouraging all people to tell their stories without shame or fear.

The NSAL is an organization which actively support the work of young people who are pursuing an interest in the following categories; art, music, drama, literature, dance, and musical theater. The society was founded in 1944 and consists of 18 chapters distributed across the United States. While local chapters may vary in local endeavors, all participate in the "Career Awards", a national competition held each spring, as well as the Winston Endowment scholarships in art and voice.

The Urbana Dance Company is a modern dance troupe founded in 2012 by artistic director Kate Insolia. Believing that artists have the ability to transcend conventional wisdom and offer new productive and vibrant modes of being, the Urbana Dance Company seeks to understand the power of performance as a vital means for political action and social transformation. Our choreography seeks to illuminate issues of oppression such as racism, classism and sexism with the intent to push society toward greater tolerance. In search for humanity, the company uses both drama and humor to create a space where transformation can occur. As an affiliate of the Urbana Park District, we are committed to creating a vibrant, community centered, and cutting edge modern dance troupe that is connected with and relevant to the international dance community. In 2013, we will perform our first work, “The Urbana Dance Company Presents!”  In this evening length performance, we will explore the social, political, and interpersonal dynamics of "oppressive behavior." Slowly coming to grips with the fact that we live on Native land is a hot spot explored.  

Kate Insolia received her B.A. in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College and her M.F.A in Dance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she taught Jazz, Modern, and Dance History lecture courses. She has co-produced three full-length shows where she has showcased her own work "Just Remembering", "Feeling Stars", "International US," and “Mat Press.”  Kate currently teaches dance at Next Generation and the Phillips Recreation Center. Kate is board President of the YWCA at UIUC and leads a "White's Eliminating Racism" support group in town as part of the United To End Racism project sponsored by the Re-evaluation Co-counseling Community.


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