An artist and sculptural jeweler, Crystal Hartman creates abstract botanical art rooted in storytelling and process. Growing up behind the jeweler’s bench at Durango Silver Company, she developed a conversation with line, design and space from an early age. Hartman received her BFA for Printmaking from the University of Colorado at Boulder; while there she received a UROP Grant and studied Femininity in Argentina and began working in video and installation. Upon graduation, she filmed for Null Skateboards in Spain, during this time her artwork was featured in the exhibition United BAC! at the CCCB, Center for Contemporary Culture Barcelona and exhibited at locations such as the National Palace of Culture, Sophia Bulgaria and the Florean Museum, Baia Mare, Romania and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder Colorado . Hartman studied contemporary craft and color in Chiang Mai Thailand before returning to the United States and reflecting on the adventures through watercolors that received the Merwin Altfeld Memorial Award for Storytelling in the Arts and membership as a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society. She founded and directed Durango Open Studio, an event celebrating and sharing lifestyles and process in the arts and began curating exhibitions aimed at fostering conversations between various generations of artists. Finding her way back to the jewelers bench through a love of wax and sculpture, her jewelry has been featured in Art Jewelry Magazine and included in exhibitions such as TOP Jewels: International Jewelry Exhibition at the Durango Arts Center and Earthly Delights: Metalsmiths Inspired by Nature at the Lillstreet Gallery, Chicago, IL. Hartman enjoys creating Visual Reviews of Poetry for CutBank Literary Journal and working with writers to develop imagery to hold their stories. Hartman maintains a painting and jewelry studio creating sculptural adornment in the lost wax process and is currently studying light and sound in Champaign Illinois.

Artist/printmaker specializing in linocut and woodcut prints. Urbana, Illinois.

Born into a small Midwestern existence, grew into a certain presumptive bravado and reluctant utopianism. Embracing oddities from everywhere, humbuggery and legerdemain, and an aesthetic of the operational. Learning that things do not have to add up in order to count.

Primarily known for her vocals (jazz-spiked folk and avant garde/noise) and songwriting (dubbed "soulful indie rock"), elizaBeth also specializes in collaborative projects for adults and children. Her other key areas of expertise include storytelling and printmaking (stencils, silkscreens, blockprints)

I am a mostly self - taught painter and a printmaker who has had the benefit of gifted teachers in the areas of painting and printmaking. I draw, paint and etch in the styles of representation, reduction ( the Prairie Prayer Shawl Series) and abstraction. I paint in watercolors, acrylics, pastels, and pastels on paper, canvas or drafting mylar. My intaglios are hand pulled prints from copper plate of etchings, aquatints, soft grounds. Also, lithographs from stone and solar plate and collographs from solar plate.
Recently, I have been using the greener, more environmentally friendly forms of woodcuts and solar print making, where the sun and water replace the acids and petroleum products of traditional etching I also embroider some my compositions on canvas. You can see examples of all of these 2 dimensional art forms on my website. Work can be purchased in its original form, as one of a kind paintings and drawings, limited edition prints, or in a few instances, as larger editions of offset prints.
I also take commissions.

Galleries and Displays
Ark in the Sanctuary of Sinai Temple of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, US; Uma Gallery, 30, W. 57th Street, New York City 2004-2008.
Gallery 33 Springfield Illinois.
Rend Lake, Illinois Artisan Gallery, Rend Lake, Illinois.
Chicago’s James R. Thompson Center, Illinois Artisan Gallery, Illinois.
Volume II : Jewish Women in The World of Art, by Hedvig Brenner.(Hartung-Gorre Verlag Konstanz) 2004
Design Cover for “Houseboarting In The Ozarks” by Gary Forrester (Dufour Editions) 2004

Artistic Publications
Article on UV/Visible light transparency of various transparent films for transferring images to solar etching plate, by Rosalind Faiman Weinberg, in Solarplate Newsletter from Hampton Editions, March 2009.

Joseph Gallo has been an artist/experimental print maker for over 35 years.

Early on, collaborations with other artists during his nearly three decade involvement with father and co-founder of Editions in Cast Paper, started Joseph on a life long involvement with all that is intrinsic to paper.
The list of artists during the rise of this fine arts publishing house that specialized in hand paper making include, Victor Vasarely, Agam, Hanna Barbara, Peter Max, Rene Gruau, and Stan Lee, to name a few. (Examples available for viewing at "Joseph Gallo art" on Joseph is a life long artist.

'What truly drives me is the endless path of discovery that takes place through experimentation and collaboration.
Gallo's current works involve a series of preparations to pre-print papers for Giclee. 'Realizing I could create Photoshop-like effects chemically was a huge breakthrough for me' Gallo adds while discussing his processes.
As far as subject matter, Gallo is motivated by human expression. I recently created works of art for the Jimi Hendrix foundation.
This project involved coupling 35 mm black and white, never before seen prints with Hubble deep space digital imagery. The end result, is a moving graphic depiction of Jimi's sonic inflection (available through, Dan Jaffe(805) 497 7300). Also see,

From print making to createing drawings, paintings and to digital imagery one thing stays the same for me. I am determined to employ the tools best suited to convey the feeling I want to express by what moves me originally. As a result, I feel my initial personal experience inspired from the source of the moment is imparted into the work forever.

Regarding specific mediums, I feel at ease with pen and ink, graphite, charcoal, fabric dyes, colored pencil, and oil pastels for rendering. I have worked with oils, acrylics, and water color. As well, I have been employing digital art (17 yrs) and its output for the last four years . I believe in Giclee printing enough so to have acquired a 42" HP 800 that I generate all of my distressed photo works and digital art onto canvas and pre-print, chemically manipulated water color paper with.

Aside from creating fine art, I have always relished the opportunities I have had come along to do graphics for musicians (C.D. covers and albums) The last Gentlemen's "Something to someone" or "cousin of the blues" for Keith Harden, or the promo posters for the Laurence Hobgood Quartet just this last summer. I am always happy to work up promotional material for "Go Retro" the everything vintage shop as well. There has been quit a bit of this activity for me over the years. Numerous examples of my electronic art and chemically altered Giclees can be seen at (search "Joseph Gallo"). Also see, numerouse works at "Pinterest" again, Joseph Gallo.

This artist is available for the generation of custom and site specific installations. Joseph Gallo is also available for corporate/commercial design as well as decorative design. Years of hands on experience with plastics casting, mold making, paper making, silk screening, industrial painting/surface design, fiberglass, epoxy and plaster molding make this artist, designer a solid addition to any artistic, industrial or craft production setting


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